While as a consultancy group our philosophical base and working styles are similar, the strength of Inclusion Matters lies also in our differences.  With previous work experience in development, health and social services sectors in Australia, the Pacific, South Asia, South East Asia, Europe and Africa, we have a breadth of experiences and strengths in a range of areas including;


  • Assisting services to meet the requirements of funding bodies with regard to inclusion and access
  • The review and development of Disability Access and Inclusion Plans
  • Strategy development and assisting organisations to deliver on strategy
  • Conducting consultations with a range of stakeholders including consultation methods that support the participation of people with cognitive, communication or language needs.
  • Developing evidence based policy
  • Situation analysis of children and adults with a disability
  • Practical advice on disability inclusive development and project design
  • Assisting with the development of concept notes and project proposals
  • Resource development


  • Designing assessment and program data collection tools
  • Conducting analyses and independent program or project evaluations
  • Identifying, adapting or developing standardised instruments appropriate for program monitoring
  • Conducting disability inclusion audits


  • Participatory, qualitative and quantitative research
  • Literature and  desk reviews or annotated bibliographies on topic specific research
  • Research to enable and to demonstrate evidence-based practice and best contemporary practice.


  • Tailored professional development for staff, such as disability awareness training
  • Mainstreaming of children and adults with a disability into existing practices/programs/projects
  • Curriculum advice and development